Deciding for Olten

We are convinced: Olten has potential, a lot of potential. But where to start? Below, we present ideas on how Olten could become even better.

To vote, assign each idea a rank from 1 to 4, where 1 is the best. You can also assign the same rank or no rank for multiple ideas.

The voting ended on January 31st 2021. In the mean time we have counted the votes. On our homepage, there is post post with all the results.

Want to know more?

Decide for Olten?

On this page, we present four ideas on how to make Olten even better. And we want to know your opinion about them. Which ideas do you like? Which one is your favorite?

To find the broadest possible consensus, we're conducting a vote using the Schulze method. In this way, you'll help to decide which of the four ideas we'll pursue in the coming months and flesh out into a proposition.

All those who are interested in Olten can vote on these ideas. Whether resident in the town or just next door, with or without a Swiss passport, already 18 or not quite yet. Because what we are also convinced: How our city should develop and change should be decided by those who live in it.

How does it work?

To participate in the voting, you must either register with an email address or scan the QR code you received with the flyer.

The voting will run until January 31, 2021


After that we will evaluate and publish the result here on the website, on social media and in the regional newspapers. At the same time, we will get to work on formulating a fully developed proposition (Initiative) based on the the winning idea. In mid-February we will submitt the proposition. If the text of the proposition is declared valid by the City Chancellery, we will start collecting signatures.

We have 60 days to collect 500 signatures. If we manage that, the initiative will first go to the municipal parliament. If the parliament agrees, our goal is achieved. If the parliament rejects the initiative, Olten's voters will have the final say.

Of course we would be happy to count on your support in collecting signatures and if it comes to a popular vote. If you sign up to our mailing list, we will let you know how things develop.

About Us

"Decide for Olten" is a project of "Olten now!".

Olten jetzt! is an association of passionate Olten residents who are convinced that our city has more to offer than just an important train station.

We are committed to a vibrant, open and sustainable city that promotes and supports self-initiatives from within the population. Since 2017, we have been active in Olten's municipal parliament with four representatives. In 2021, we will also compete in the municipal elections. We also want to take responsibility in the executive with Nils Loeffel as our candidate for the city council.

The Propositions

Aare-Swimming-City Olten

Making better use of the potential of Olten's big river with a holistic concept and small measures.

Animate empty space

Actively and transparently promote interim uses of rental properties.

Piazza over parking!

Munzingerplatz: the most central and beautiful square of the city should belong to the people of Olten instead of the cars.

Garden City Olten plus!

Making urban and private brownfields bloom through community gardening projects.

Olten Jetzt
Käppelistrasse 22, 4600 Olten